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DH Energy System, Inc.

is an ESG management company that designs and manufactures energy-related systems, focusing on energy system optimization. In particular DH Energy System, Inc. has been studying countermeasure technology by taking seriously problems related battery discharge accidents of internal combustion engines and electric vehicles, and are about to enter the world market by developing a smart regenerative starting system or hybrid battery. Meanwhile, demand for electric vehicles is rapidly increasing due to climate change, and a rapid increase in waste batteries is expected.
      DH Energy System, Inc. is conducting research and development on treatment technology with an altemative to waste it is expected that the use of batteries will accelerate further as the main energy source is batteries in the field of next-generation aircrcaft and dones in the near future. In addition, DH Energy System, Inc. intends to contribute to the environment by possessing a technology that enables easy charging during discharge as well as discharge accidents by indentifying the discharge characteristics of the battery, that is, technology that extends the lifespan of the battery 

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